What is DAMAGE INC. ?

We are a Music Management and Promotional company with a burning passion for hardcore music.

We work with the hottest Rock, Metal and experimental hardcore bands in the UK. For you music lovers, headbangers, rockers, and metalheads out there this means that and we’re bringing a fresh new sound your favourite music venues in London. So keep an eye out for DAMAGE INC. events and come down to experience the hardcore sound of London – Live!

Our Vision

Our vision is a music industry where skill, passion, dedication and talent are directly proportional to the band’s success. We believe the current landscape does not represent or promote talented musicians to the extent that it should. It is simply time for a change.  We will not stop beating the drums until we make this a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manifest a musical revolution in the UK and beoyond. We start from the idea that the beast in man has be excercised, not exorcised. DAMAGE INC. is a crazy train to the town of Loud. And you just bought a first class ticket – welcome aboard!

Music Lovers

You are ultimately the ones who make it all possible. We believe you should leave the venue feeling light, excited and aware. That particular feeling that everything around you is brighter and the internal chatter has stopped. That clarity and feeling of satisfaction that has creeped inside as you open your ears for the music. We love hearing your feedback and we encourage you to always speak your mind. So don’t be the silent customer. If something could have been better, please do let us know and we will take you feedback onboard.

Open Mind For A Different View

We are constantly scouting for promotional opportunities for the bands we are working with. Moreover, due to the nature of the music industry, we understand the need for a highly tailored approach for every band and venue that we work with. One cannot standardise emotion and passion. What works for a band might not work for another. This is why we strive to establish a close relationship with every band and venue that we work with.

Our Beliefs

We make a firm stand against music made primarily for money. We believe music has to come from a place of truth, and monetary rewards are a side benefit. We think the same should work for event organisers. We do it because we have a passion for music, and we want to share some of the hottest rock and metal bands with you.

So come be a part of our journey and help us launch those amazingly talented musicians into the stratosphere and beyond!



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