About Hadrian

Fun, entertaining, heavy, very loud and awesome Rock N’ Roll.

The band’s approach to music is based around fun and release. Fun in the context of our own motto “If it’s not fun, there’s no point on doing it”. Release in the context where every member in this band find here a place and environment to release all the stress, anger, sadness, etc.

Our music style is wedged between the crevices of rock, grunge, metal with almost unintentional pop choruses. Yet, we have been told many times that we have a “nice, heavy sound”. This came from the mix of influences present in every member of the band, which can be from progressive to punk rock, from alternative indie to metal.

In essence, all of this revolves around one simple factor we love to play live. We like to rattle the inflammatory issue of the moment with our lyrics. We like to pick our topics very carefully. We like our music to relate not only to us, but everybody’s daily lives and current times, and therefore our lyrics relate to the importance of the moment in history we are going through.

Our main drive is ultimately to entertain ourselves and our crowd and fans. The most important thing for us is to stick together like family and keep creating beautiful, noisy and aggressive Rock N’ Roll and have fun on stage, and that can be seen quite effectively when we play live.

Hadrian started out being a 5-piece band in 2012. This became a difficult line-up to keep, since every member has a full-time job. From the original line-up, only 2 members are still present today and we became a 4-piece band, and it was all worth it to find the perfect combination to make Hadrian sound like Hadrian.

After the big shuffle around the members, Hadrian hadn’t yet played live. The baptism of fire that welded the band together ended up being Hard Rock Café Piccadilly London, to a full room (about 200 people) we played Hard Rock Rising (band competition).

From that point we kept rehearsing, writing new material and playing live every chance we had, and even got to play in some really iconic venues, for example Cargo or The 100 Club.

We are having down time now until the 19th of February due to the recording of our next album, which will reveal a darker, heavier and more aggressive side of Hadrian and it is the road we are intending to take right now, since we feel like we have found “our sound”. Also, in this album we will record a rendition of a classic dancehall song, which we adapted and made it our own.

We have applied to play at a few festivals not only in the UK but also in mainland Europe this summer 2018. As it’s very commonly known, it’s a tough break for every band and a very fierce competition amongst thousands of applicants, but we are hopeful and confident that things will turn out in our favour.

In the future, we intend to record an album every year, as we are taking advantage of the prolific period of the band, since we have a lot of song ideas for the future and how we should approach the next stages.


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