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In a nutshell: At one point in 2015, three members of a band had clashed with their drummer. They set out to find another person to beat the skins… a bit later a change of name occurred and # was born.

4 a month or so we we were busy making music together utilizing acoustic guitars, hidden from the public and building songs to change / refresh our repertoire. In weeks MMKaresz – Charlie had gotten in touch and sat behind the drums to join the crew! Within 2 rehearsals he learnt the set and played his first # performance then recorded the first four songs that became our first official debut called DEMOtion. Next year ( 2016 ) we recorded One Day… with nine songs on it. Later thatbyear by November John left us but was soon replaced by Jonathan Drake and in 2017 we’re ready to perform again. In the meantime an audiovisual / theatrical project is being made and # were asked to provide music to the art. Of course this doesn’t stop us to be going ahead; our new tunes are being worked on and planned to be recorded in these months to be released as the next album.
By January’s end Charlie decided to leave the band after two+ years of activity now we’re looking for a new drummer! In the meantime the new album will be finished without him, so stay tuned! (February 8th, 2018)

Of course # is always ready to rock your head off!
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