It all started in the US around the 1940s when multiple genres mixed together like watercolour on a wet surface. In the last 60 years Rock has branched into as many sub-genres as it did territories. The US hasn’t been the only rock producer in a long time now.

So where’s the rock off to next?

Where It Started

What first came out of this mix of genres was a plump white figure with long sideburns and several hair products applied at any given time.

Leaving our personal music tastes aside, Elvis Presley was, for a long time the poster child of rock and roll. But as the genre evolved and became increasingly more complex and hard to predict, and so did the places it stems from.

Moving on from the 40s and 50s here come the 60s and 70s. This is where we took the paint bucket and threw it at the canvas. Blues, reds, greens and everything in between. It’s supposed to be psychedelic. And so Psychedelic Rock was born. This sub-genre of rock fueled (along with LSD) the peace and hippy movement and raised awareness against war crimes, violence, and oppression.

How the Rock Keeps Rolling

By this time, rock was spreading to the UK and soon-to-be global acts would break through the grey skies of the Kingdom and into international fame. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Porcupine Tree are just a few examples.

As we’re moving closer and closer to the present day it’s quite clear that rock has become an international phenomenon. Not only in the fanbase, but in the bandbase as well!

Do any of the following names ring a bell: HIM, Rammstein, Scorpions, Ghost, Nightwish? They’re all internationally known bands from different parts of Europe.

And the deeper we dig into the rock music industry, the more examples we find. Stoned Jesus  (Ukraine), Phoenix (Romania), and a handful of amazing Russian rock bands whose name we’ll never be able to write down with our English keyboard.

But you get the picture. Rock is probably more popular than ever been before, and that’s partly due the Internet and streams like Spotify and Apple Music. We actually wrote an entire piece showing how rock is still alive and going strong, check it out if you’re curious to know the numbers behind Rock music.

What Keeps the Rock in Motion


This one’s a given. Tech not only connects us to each-other over unlimited distances but it also connects us with the music we love around the world. Streaming Services, Social media, Blogs (just like this one you’re reading now) and more, are all promoting rock music globally and make it accessible in the most remote places around the world.

There are other factors that come into play. Philosophically speaking – time is one of them. Rock’s been around for a while. Long enough to make an impact. Long enough to get people talking about it. Long enough to even bridge generational gaps.

Technology is ultimately the conduit that allows for all the remaining activities below to be propagated much more effectively and in a shorter timespan.

Word of Mouth

..Is another important factor that contributes to the infamy of Rock. People like sharing and talking about stuff that gets them excited. Who doesn’t? So the more people listen to it, the more people will start talking about it. Keeping Rock alive and rolling. We don’t have proof of how effective word of mouth is, but it surely contributed to that magical moment when a group of musicians gathered around and said: “Let’s start a fucking rock band!”

The media Image

It’s the branding that makes it sometimes, isn’t it? And the media (the whole media, and nothing but the media?!) is great at branding pretty much everything, and Rock is no exception.

Consider the following exercise: We’ll name a few words and you tell us if they are somehow associated with Rock music in your head.

  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Fame
  • Money
  • Leather boots
  • Aviators

Glamorising (and sometimes demonising) the rock and roll lifestyle only added to its international success and the reason we see more international rock bands being formed and experiencing massive success.

The Music Itself

Last but definitely not least, it’s the music itself that makes is both timeless and appealing on a global level. It speaks to the listener, it guides, it teaches, it tricks, it swears. It’s real, and that’s why we love it. Rock is never afraid to send a message or conceal a hidden meaning. It’s mysterious and it takes us on a journey of discovery.

Every beat, every riff, every lyric adds to the message. And every second is an ocean of infinite wisdom we can draw from and time is meaningless.

The walls of our minds are melting and emotions, thoughts, and memories are resonating through the core of our being. The body is here – active, the muscles are tight and ready for movement. The eyes are resting but the ears are processing every single beat.

You can listen for yourself, and relate everything to the inner world – your emotions, experiences, and memories. Or you can put yourself in the mind and heart of the performer. It gives you the option to know yourself and know the world. You may choose to interpret or to keep silent.

With such a myriad of ways to entertain your mind, body, and soul, of course it’s an international movement!

Rock Hotspots To Look Out For

US and UK are still two major powerhouses of rock with bands like All Them Witches or Pink Cigar emerging toward critical acclaim.

But it’s time we open our ears and eyes for bands emerging from other places too. Below is a non-comprehensive list of emerging European Rock bands:




Stoned Jesus – Stoner Rock


My Sleeping Karma – Psychedelic Instrumental Rock


Insane Driver – Metal


Dirty Sound Magnet – Mystic Rock

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