We are all about mean riffs, sick drumming and loud vocals.

We promote Rock, Metal and experimental hardcore bands and connect them with the ideal venue.

If your music speaks to us and your lyrics have something to say, we will go above and beyond to make sure your music gets heard.

Our event attendees are extremely important to us.

You are ultimately the ones who make it all possible. We believe you should leave the venue feeling absolutely ecstatic and with a few dozen more pictures and videos in your camera roll. Throughout the live performance – we aim to give you at least 6 intense goose-bump moments. We love hearing your feedback and we encourage you to always speak your mind.

Open Mind For A Different View

We are constantly scouting for promotional opportunities for the bands we are working with. Moreover, due to the nature of the music industry, we understand the need for a highly tailored approach for every band and venue that we work with. One cannot standardise emotion and passion. What works for a band might not work for another. This is why we strive to establish a close relationship with every band and venue that we work with.

Our Purpose

We are in the ideal place of offering a win-win situation to both Musicians and Venues. We are the missing link in the chain, the driving force behind the current Rock and Metal scenes.
We make a firm stand against music made primarily for money. We believe music has to come from a place of truth, and monetary rewards are a side benefit.

Our Vision

Our vision is a music industry where skill, passion, dedication and talent are directly proportional to how famous a band is. We will not stop beating the drums until this happens.

Keep on Rocking!



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