The Hadrian Experience | Loud In London Festival

Are you afraid of fire? Rock Doesn’t Burn.

Join us on the 17th of August for an electrifying session of live, loud rock and Roll in the heart of London. Line up: Hadrian, The Mawb, Bellarose and more!

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Hadrian's Music

The Basics

When: 17th of August 2018

Where: The Cavendish Arms

Address: 128 Hartington Rd, London SW8 2HJ

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About Hadrian

Fun, entertaining, heavy, very loud and awesome Rock N’ Roll.

The band’s approach to music is based around fun and release. Fun in the context of our own motto “If it’s not fun, there’s no point on doing it”. Release in the context where every member in this band find here a place and environment to release all the stress, anger, sadness, etc.

Our music style is wedged between the crevices of rock, grunge, metal with almost unintentional pop choruses. Yet, we have been told many times that we have a “nice, heavy sound”. This came from the mix of influences present in every member of the band, which can be from progressive to punk rock, from alternative indie to metal.

In essence, all of this revolves around one simple factor we love to play live. We like to rattle the inflammatory issue of the moment with our lyrics. We like to pick our topics very carefully. We like our music to relate not only to us, but everybody’s daily lives and current times, and therefore our lyrics relate to the importance of the moment in history we are going through.

Our main drive is ultimately to entertain ourselves and our crowd and fans. The most important thing for us is to stick together like family and keep creating beautiful, noisy and aggressive Rock N’ Roll and have fun on stage.

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