26th April | The ReAktion Live @ 229 London | Rock Night For the Wicked

This is your Friday Night Special. We invoked some of the great old spirits to show up on our doorstep with a special, eccentric and explosive line-up. And they answered. Originally based in Chile, experimental rock/metal band The ReAktion are coming for the First time in London to perform Live at 229 London.

Equally special, Bristol-based prog-punk band Franklin Mint are ready to take you to oblivion and back.

Lined up we have:

The ReAktion / Franklin Mint / Die Kur

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 WHEN: 26th OF APR 2019 

 WHERE: 229 Great Portland St, London W1W 5PN 



The ReAktion

The ReAktion is an alternative rock band founded in 2010 Santiago, Chile. During the early years the band changed formation several times until Simon Rojas Hoces decided to establish a solid lineup with Ernesto “Virgo” Domic and Esteban Domic. The band is known for dealing with subjects such as social conscience, environmentalism. Their sound has been described as a high energy wall of sound, backed by steady drum beats and atmospheric vocals. Their skeptical message is what defines their lyrical and musical content.

They released two studio albums. Their debut album Selknam was produced by Garth Richardson in The Farm Studios in Vancouver, Canada released in 2015. Their second album Similitude came out worldwide during 2017, both albums released by the record label Mainia Recordings in Los Angeles, California.


From the dismembered corpse of Gargantuant emerged a new band with the same strange intensity and familiar punch-in-the-face riffs but this time wearing bunny slippers. Halfway between Prog and Punk yet sounding like neither, deadly serious but laughing all the way to the bottom of the cliff.

Die Kur

Die Kur is an industrial metal band from London, UK. Formed in 1999 and with origins back in 1995 the band has released four official albums “From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)” (2005), “The Fall of The Empire” (2008), “ERA (Formicidae)” (2011), and the fourth double album “Manifesto” released on 20 March 2015 comprising part 1 “Modern Society Manifesto” and part 2 “Songs of Freedom”.

In 2018, strong from a consolidated line up Die Kur consisting of Ays Kura, Amadeus, Tony Nash and Nicholas McBrain, released “All the Way Down to a New Regime” composed by four new songs, which will be considered instant classics. The release has been supported by an independent European Tour and unexpectedly a video release for the first song, The Legacy of the Fox, whose lyrics touch the contemporary situation of many venues being shut down taking reference to the legendary Intrepid Fox of London.

The EP has been positively embraced by fans and music critics and it’s considered a very defining release for both the band and the music genre in general.


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The ReAktion

Franklin Mint

Die Kur


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